GNPAnnot is a Community Annotation System (CAS) for structural, functional and comparative annotation dedicated to green genomes see details of the project in the project section.

The South Green CAS are dedicated to Mediterranean and tropical plant genomic sequences and are located at Cirad (Montpellier, France). We choose for them the following core architecture: the Chado PostGreSQL database, the GBrowse 2 genome browser and the Artemis curation tool. Then, we developed the Chado Controller (Guignon et al. 2012) in order to manage public and private data (user access restriction module), monitor manual annotation (annotation inspector module) and store versions of annotation for all modified features (annotation history module). In 2012, we set up a Drupal site with the Tripal module, the Web front of Chado that also allows to integrate other genomic analysis systems (Droc et al. 2013). Actually, we build CAS for different types of sequences and species:


Stéphanie Bocs

ANR Genoplante

Data types: 
Gene, Marker, Protein, SNP, Transcript