Coffee is the world's leading agricultural resource in value terms. It is a major source of revenue for more than 40 tropical countries, and generates more than 120 million jobs. Coffee is grown on more than 10 million hectares worldwide, primarily on small family farms (70% of the crop comes from farms of under 5 hectares). Two species, Coffea arabica (65%) and Coffea canephora (35%), are cultivated.


Links between South Green and Coffee TropGeneDB holds many molecular markers developed locally (CIRAD-IRD) or retrieved from other databases. It's also a repository for genetic mapi / QTL analysis informations linked to coffee cup quality (Leroy et al., 2011). The South Green Bioinformatics platform supported the analyses of the Coffea canephora sequence (CoffeaSeq project). The platform hosts a dedicated crop portal, the Coffee Genome Hub, which centralizes most of the resources and information systems around the coffee genome such as GNPannot, GreenPhyl and SNiPlay. The hub gives access to chromosomes, genes, trancripts, proteins and genetic markers produced over the time.