Grass Genome Hub

An Information System for comparative and functional genomics dedicated to Grasses species

Rice Genome Hub

The Rice Genome Hub is an integrative genome information system that allows centralized access to genomics and genetics data, and analytical tools to facilitate translational and applied research in rice. The hub is built using the Content Management System Drupal with the Tripal module that interacts with the Chado database. The Hub interface provides several functionalities (Blast, DotPlots, Gene Search, JBrowse, Primer Blaster, Primer Designer) to make it easy for querying, visualizing and downloading research data.

an integrative genome information system that allows centralized access to genomics and genetics data
Manuel Ruiz, Gaëtan Droc



The Agronomic Linked Data knowledge graph database for plant molecular data
Pierre Larmande

IBC - Institut de Biologie Computationnelle

IFB - Institut Francais de Bioinformatique

Coffee Genome Hub

The Coffee Genome Hub is an integrated web-based database providing centralized access to coffee community genomics, genetics and breeding data and analysis tools to facilitate basic, translational and applied research in coffee.

the integrated portal for coffee

The research was funded by the French National Research Agency, Australian Research Council, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, CNR-ENEA Agrifood Project of Italy, Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (FINEP) of Brazil, National Institutes of Science and Technology (INCT) of Brazil, the U.S. National Science Foundation and the College of Arts and Science, University at Buffalo.

Banana Genome Hub

The Banana Genome Hub centralises databases of genetic and genomic data for the musa acuminata crop Hub developed by Cirad and Bioversity and supported by the South Green Bioinformatics platform. Data available are the complete genome sequence along with gene structure, gene product information, metabolism, gene families, transcriptomics (ESTs, RNA-Seq), genetic markers (SSR, DArT, SNPs) and genetic maps.

the integrated crop portal for Musa




GNPAnnot is a Community Annotation System (CAS) for structural, functional and comparative annotation dedicated to green genomes see details of the project in the project section.

a generic Community Annotation System
Stéphanie Bocs

ANR Genoplante



Expressed Sequence Tag Treatment and Investigation Kit is a tool dedicated to the analysis and annotation of cDNA raw data. This tool was optimized for the investigation of data related to tropical crops and combines an automatic pipeline, a database and Web interfaces to consult and download data.

Automatic pipeline

Expressed Sequence Tag Treatment and Investigation Kit
, Marilyne Summo
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