International Consortium of Rice Mutagenesis: resources and beyond.

TitleInternational Consortium of Rice Mutagenesis: resources and beyond.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWei F-J, Droc G, Guiderdoni E, Hsing Y-IC
JournalRice (New York, N.Y.)
Date Published2013 Dec 17

Rice is one of the most important crops in the world. The rice community needs to cooperate and share efforts and resources so that we can understand the functions of rice genes, especially those with a role in important agronomical traits, for application in agricultural production. Mutation is a major source of genetic variation that can be used for studying gene function. We will present here the status of mutant collections affected in a random manner by physical/chemical and insertion mutageneses.As of early September 2013, a total of 447, 919 flanking sequence tags from rice mutant libraries with T-DNA, Ac/Ds, En/Spm, Tos17, nDART/aDART insertions have been collected and publicly available. From these, 336,262 sequences are precisely positioned on the japonica rice chromosomes, and 67.5% are in gene interval. We discuss the genome coverage and preference of the insertion, issues limiting the exchange and use of the current collections, as well as new and improved resources. We propose a call to renew all mutant populations as soon as possible. We also suggest that a common web portal should be established for ordering seeds.

Alternate JournalRice (N Y)