Gigwa v2.5 is now out!

This new version contains many major improvements and new features!

Changes in v2.5:

  • Additional import formats: Intertek, Flapjack
  • Ability to select markers by ID lists
  • Embedded IGV.js, along with tens of remotely available genomes
  • Enhanced version of Flapjack-Bytes (faster loading, more features implemented)
  • Dynamic statistical analysis graphs: Fst, Tajima‚Äôs D
  • Single-Sign-On compatibility via C.A.S. implementation
  • Database dump / restore facility
  • Enhanced BrAPI v1 & v2 metadata pulling functionality (working with germplasm & sample entities)
  • Significant speed improvements for imports & exports
NB: Upgrading an existing Docker container to v2.5 requires running a preliminary script, please refer to this explanation